Today I have some special news to share: below image of my daughter Nele has won a Merit Award in the International Image Competition of the NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographers) in the category ‘Child’! I’m thrilled and honoured to have my image elected by a blue-ribbon panel of expert judges, among thousands of entries – and my daughter Nele is very proud, too! :)

award for nina tantzen photography in singapore

I photographed Nele in the Chinese Garden on Chinese New Year – I’d say that was a pretty good start into this lunar year! She was very patient with me and twirled, and twirled, and twirled… until I had the shot that I wanted. She’s not always willing to humour me (“Mom, not AGAIN!!”), but I think this recognition might just improve my chances of getting her cooperation again in the future. Fingers crossed!

This giggly little girl loooooved being flung into the air by her dad during this morning’s family photography session at Gardens by the Bay. Her mom said she’s generally a bit shy and quiet when they are out and about, and when there are strangers around. And indeed she made me wait a while (and work hard ;)) until her beautiful little smile came out. But when dad started throwing her? She was all laughter and giggles, it really couldn’t be high enough for her!

dad lifting giggling baby girl up highmom and dad playing with giggling baby girl outdoorsmom looks as dad lifts happy baby up highhappy family portrait with baby girl outdoors

This month I decided to do something that I don’t normally do – I decided to get in the frame myself. While I take pictures of my family all the time, I’m very rarely in any photos myself, unless we go for our own yearly family photo session. Often Maxi, my little one, will look at my photos, point out her sister, her dad, and herself, then ask: ‘Where’s mommy?’ So I got out the tripod, and one afternoon for story time, I adjusted the camera settings and set the remote to take a photo every 30 seconds (this way I could still concentrate on the story properly and please my audience of one!). No make-up, our bedroom was a mess, but Maxi loved looking at the photos with me afterwards, and I’m so happy to now have this photographic memory of one of her favourite daily activities – with me in it, too! And even Nele (who these days is quite sick of me wanting to photograph her all the time ;)) later wanted to have a little ‘tripod-session’ of her own with me. I think this will have to be a regular thing from now on!

Follow the ‘Moments that matter’- blog circle, and see the stunning work of Cindy Cavanagh next – I love the colour and tones in her images!

portrait of child reading bookmonochrome photo of girl with bookmom reading to toddler on bedlittle girl pointing at bookmom and daughter having story timemom reads book to toddlerlittle girl gives mom a hugmom lifting up toddler on bedmom and daughter playtime on bedmother daughter cuddlesmother and daughter together on bedmom giving her daughter a cuddle

Something I love about my job is that I get to watch so many adorable children grow and develop. With my families who have yearly photo sessions with me, and not having seen the kids in between sessions, I’m always so amazed by the changes! Our kids really grow up way too fast, sigh… Well, at least we can hold on to photographs and capture their personalities along with their cute little faces during each stage of their childhood. And how fun is it to sometimes recreate images from an earlier session, to really show off how much they have grown! (Find last year’s similar image here, and more of that last session here!)

portrait of children peeking through fenceportrait of a 3 year old girlportrait of a little boy looking upportrait of a giggling 2 year old boyportrait of siblings hugging

Your kids are also growing way too fast, and you would love to capture some beautiful memories like these? Get in touch! I would love to help you with that! :)

I’m often contacted by Expat-families who are about to leave Singapore and want to capture some memories of their life here before they leave. The preferred locations in this case are either outdoor locations that are very typical for Singapore (like a shophouse area, or Marina Barrage with the Singapore skyline as a backdrop), or the family’s home, where most of their daily life took place and so many fond memories were created. For this family, it was important to document some family time in their Singapore home before going back to their home country. I hope these images will always serve as a beautiful reminder of the times they enjoyed together in their home here, and of this stage in the children’s lives – the wildness, the goofiness, the playfulness, the cuddliness (I may have just invented that last word…)!

portrait of a family of fourfamily of four on the bedfamily playing together on the bedfamily laughing together on the bedlittle girl hiding under duvetportrait of girl and family in the backgroundportrait of mother and sonfamily having story time on the beddad and his children reading a storystory time with dad and two kidslittle children's feet next to dad reading bookportrait of dad and his daughterfamily portrait in a mirrorportrait of mother holding her sonmother and son having a cuddleportrait of boy with his motherlittle boy kissing his mother on the cheeklittle girl playing on the iPad in her playroomgirl playing peekabooportrait of a girl in her roomportrait of a girl with her stuffed animalsportrait of boy entering his roomboy playing in his roomportraits of a little boy in his bedroomlittle boy on his bedphoto of little boy playing with a carlittle boy playing peekaboolittle boy jumping on his bedfamily playing on the sofa in their living roomportrait of a little boy making a funny facephoto of children climbing on the sofaportrait of boy jumping head first on the sofa

Drawers generally hold a special fascination for toddlers: something you can open yourself, that has lots of interesting stuff inside, and you can take out everything and throw it on the floor… Putting stuff back into the drawer usually does not hold quite the same fascination though. This handsome little boy is no exception. I particularly love that the first thing he grabs is not a toy, but these ‘Vacuum seal storage bags’: like for all toddlers, ‘grown-up items’ also generally hold a special fascination…

toddler crawling and playing with toyphoto of crawling baby with toylittle boy sitting next o open drawerphoto of baby opening a drawertoddler standing next to open drawer