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beautiful window light | couples photography singapore

i’m totally in love with this morning’s session:
a beautiful couple, married for almost 10 years, wearing their original wedding gown and suit, and still madly in love… plus an old, empty building, with a room painted dark grey, and gorgeous light coming in through the window… what more could a photographer ask for?!!

portrait of couple in dark roomportrait of couple in low lightcouple hugging each other close

fashion at mbs | editorial photography singapore

recently i shared my excitement about my first magazine cover with you – today i want to share a few more images from the first part of that shoot i did for ‚today’s parents‘. this first part was shot at marina bay sands early in the morning, when there were still hardly any other people around. yep, even a mall can be a great location for a photo shoot! ;)

singapore editorial photographerlifestyle family photography at singapore's marina bay sandslifestyle editorial photo session at mbs singaporelifestyle family photography at mbs singaporefamily photography session at marina bay sands in singapore

the second part of the shoot was shot in haji lane and has a completely different vibe – watch out for the next blog post!

love is… | singapore professional photographer

‚it matters not
who you love,
where you love,
why you love,
when you love,
how you love,
it matters only
that you love.

– john lennon –

two years ago, i had the pleasure to attend a jinkyart workshop by the wonderful barb uil.
many of her workshop attendants still keep in touch through a facebook group – and a small handful of us decided to share each others work a little. so please be sure to click on some of the links below, and explore many other wonderful images with the theme of ‚love‘.

love is all you need. :)

couples photography singapore


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beloved at boat quay | singapore couples photographer

here’s a beautiful {beloved} session at singapore’s boat quay – an extra-special session during which a couple gets to focus on each other completely, share precious memories and show each other their love.

here’s what the couple said:
‚a {beloved} session makes you remember the force that pulled you to each other, and the thousand threads of shared experience that hold you together. afterwards, i spent a happy day or two making a long list of memories which we laughed over and couldn’t stop adding to. later, it made me think of the future, and how we can make our next decade together as rich as the first one. thank you, nina.‘

couples photography in singaporecouples portraits in singapore by nina tantzen photographybeloved photography singapore by nina tantzencouples photography in singapore by nina tantzen

family love | singapore lifestyle family photographer

this was such a lovely family session – and by that i mean that you could really feel the love within this family during the session.
i think the special bond that they have also shows in the images! and not only between the parents and their adorable little boy, also between the parents themselves: we finished the session with some {beloved} style images of just the couple, and i just love the way these two look at each other… :)
(for some more examples of my {beloved} sessions, have a look here or here.)

lifestyle family photography in singapore

lifestyle family portraits in singaporelifestyle family photographs in singaporelifestyle family portraiture in singaporebeloved couples photography in singapore

sneak peek: beloved | singapore couples photographer

the last sneak peek of the year is here:
today i had a wonderful {beloved} photo session!
the couple was funny, adorable – and obviously very much in love!
we did a ‚lazy weekend morning‘ style session, so part of the session was photographed in their bed, of course. ;)
manale & simon: thanks for sharing your morning and your story with me!

beautiful couples portraiture in singaporelifestyle portraits of a couple in singapore

a {beloved} session | singapore couples photographer

i now offer a new photo session type for couples: a {beloved} session.
beloved sessions are not ‚just‘ photo sessions – they are experiences.
a beloved session gives couples a chance to make space and to connect, to concentrate on each other and their relationship.
it is about capturing real, honest moments between a couple.

here’s how the couple in this session experienced their beloved session:

„Our beloved photography session was such an amazing experience. This is no ordinary photography session. Nina has made it very personal and meaningful. We felt it was not merely a photography session but an entire experience which really helped bring us closer and remind us of many things that we love about each other.

The session was so enjoyable that it passed quickly and Nina was professional, personal, discreet when needed, and we felt that we had maybe gone on a date, and didn’t expect that a few weeks later we will be confronted with such beautiful images which really reflect the depth of our emotions and the chemistry and strong relationship and love between us. We LOVE our images and to have had such a wonderful time throughout was unexpected and much appreciated!

Thank you Nina!“

couples portraits by nina tantzen in singapore

couples photography in singapore by nina tantzenbeloved photography session in singapore by nina tantzenbeloved couples portrait by nina tantzencouples portraits in singapore by nina tantzencouples beloved portrait session by nina tantzencouples photography in singapore by nina tantzen

working on: beautiful moments | singapore couples photographer

 “if you want something to last forever,
you treat it differently.
you shield it and protect it.
you never abuse it.
you don’t expose it to the elements.
you don’t make it common or ordinary.
if it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly polish it
until it gleams like new.
it becomes special because you have made it so,
and it grows more beautiful and precious as time goes by.”

– F. Burton Howard –

beloved photography for couples in singapore by nina tantzen

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