My image collections
are curated for your specific needs, and include both digital files and luxurious products.
A la carte boutique items are also available. Should you be interested in any specific products, or have any questions, give me a shout!
Session fee The session fee for a 1 to 1 1/2 hour session with nina tantzen photography is SGD 300 This includes: a pre-session consultation, photographer's time and talent, the post-processing of your
and a password-protected online
viewing-gallery, showing 40-45 images for you to select from.
The session fee does NOT
include any images.
Complete Session Guide Image Collections After viewing your images in your online gallery, you will be able to choose between several image collections. All of my collections include luxurious products such as framed prints and coffee table albums, as well as high-resolution digital files (the number depending on your chosen collection). Image collections start at SGD 800 Please send me a message
to request my
Complete Session Guide Boutique Items Luxurious boutique items are also available à la carte. Select from my range of
signature frames (individual and in wall groupings), art murals and storyboards to display your
images on the walls of
your home beautifully.
Or you may prefer a custom-designed signature coffee table album, to showcase your
beautiful photos on your... well, coffee table! ;)
Please contact me to request my

for details.