a {beloved} session | singapore couples photographer

i now offer a new photo session type for couples: a {beloved} session.
beloved sessions are not ‚just‘ photo sessions – they are experiences.
a beloved session gives couples a chance to make space and to connect, to concentrate on each other and their relationship.
it is about capturing real, honest moments between a couple.

here’s how the couple in this session experienced their beloved session:

„Our beloved photography session was such an amazing experience. This is no ordinary photography session. Nina has made it very personal and meaningful. We felt it was not merely a photography session but an entire experience which really helped bring us closer and remind us of many things that we love about each other.

The session was so enjoyable that it passed quickly and Nina was professional, personal, discreet when needed, and we felt that we had maybe gone on a date, and didn’t expect that a few weeks later we will be confronted with such beautiful images which really reflect the depth of our emotions and the chemistry and strong relationship and love between us. We LOVE our images and to have had such a wonderful time throughout was unexpected and much appreciated!

Thank you Nina!“

couples portraits by nina tantzen in singapore

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