" When I saw
our images,
I teared up!

You caught the expressions and nuances of our family perfectly!
Aivonne Chong
Nina was very professional and put all of us at ease, and she was very good at dealing with my son who hates having his photos taken. She played with him and she managed to capture some beautiful smiles.
Nina delivered the photos to our house in beautiful wrapping and it made us feel we were opening something very special. The photos are amazing and we love them!
Bina Arpino
I was happily surprised at how relaxed
the session was. We were professionally
guided and the kids were excited
to follow Nina's instructions.
The pictures are beautiful -
I cried looking through them
for the first time!
Nina surely is a great storyteller!
I would highly recommend her services.
Signe Pedersen
With Nina we struck gold: she is very personable with a big smile and that
immediately set the right tone. (...) Such lovely pictures, a big awwwww feeling!
From the moment we contacted Nina to the day we said 'bye for now' she presented herself with the utmost professionalism. As they say, 'it's not about doing different things, it's about doing things differently',
and Nina sets herself apart.
Ronel & Ben Bridge
We were really impressed by you Nina!
During our two shoots you took the time to
make sure you captured all the right shots.
We never felt rushed. You were particularly
patient during our newborn shoot, when
Leia didn't want to go to sleep! We LOVED
the online gallery and immediately fell in
love with all the photos. It was too difficult
to choose which photos we wanted,
so we ended up buying all of them.
Kate & Dan Rudolph