Familienfotografin Nina Tantzen Frankfurt
Kobi Yamada'In the end, it is
not the days or
the years that we
remember, but the


Life is full of moments that you want to hold on to. And it's not just the big moments like weddings or birthdays - your days are full of perfect little moments too. Wild and silly moments, when the kids are jumping on the sofa. Quiet and loving moments, when your little one needs a hug. Overwhelming moments, when you are gazing at your tiny newborn, sleeping in your arms. Nostalgic moments, when you look at your older child, wondering where the time went...


My goal is to capture these moments for you.
I want my images to transport you right back to these moments, to make you feel what
you felt then. To take these little moments
out of time for you.

I am a lifestyle photographer, and my style is very natural and candid. I look to capture you and your family just as you are – the real relationships and personalities, the smiles, the seriousness, and most importantly the love you have for one another. The things that make your family unique!

Photography sessions take place either at your home or on a location of your choice – somewhere you love to hang out as a family, maybe by the lake or in a park, or even a local cafe. There will be no boring, stiff poses, no forced smiles or ‚cheeeeeese’s, instead you will just have fun with your family and enjoy spending time together while I snap away.

Take a look at my website and browse through my work in my portfolio and on my blog, and if you like what you see, let’s chat!


Image credit: A big thank you to Angelika Lincoln and to Michele from Pinkle Toes Photography!

Zurich, Switzerland, and worldwide