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a day old | shanghai newborn photographer

I love ‚Fresh 48‘ sessions – they are always the ones that truly steal my heart. As the name suggests, I will come to the hospital within the first 48 hours of your baby’s life, and capture everything you will want to remember: how tiny your baby looks in that hospital bassinet, the flaky fingers on tiny hands, the wrinkly knees, that little swirl of hair on the top of their head, the hospital bracelet around this tiny ankle… You will want to remember how you felt holding your brand new baby – so in awe and so full of love – and how you felt watching your partner hold them and gaze at this perfect little miracle. These first images will hopefully bring these feelings back and make you melt all over again every time you look at them!

sneak peek: fresh 48 | shanghai newborn photographer

For a ‚Fresh 48‘ session, I come to the hospital to photograph your little one within the first 48 hours of his or her life. A wonderful way to memorise this beautiful and emotional time, a brand new life.

This little boy was exactly 24 hours old when I met him. In fact, he was just given his very first bath when I arrived at the hospital, which he wasn’t very impressed with at the time. But as you can see, he was very content afterwards – and he sported a very handsome head of freshly washed and perfectly soft hair for his first photo shoot!

Welcome to the world, little man!

newborn baby in hospital bassinet in shanghainewborn baby hands and feetnewborn boy in hospital bassinetmom holding newborn babyDad holding newborn baby in his armscouple on hospital bed holding newborn baby

music lovers | newborn photographer shanghai

This gorgeous little baby girl was very calm throughout almost the whole session, and simply enjoyed being held and lovingly adored by her proud parents. When towards the end of the session, she woke up a bit more and started to cry, all it took were some tunes from Mom’s cello or Dad on the piano, and immediately she calmed down again. The love for music obviously runs in the family!

parents with newborn baby on sofaparents looking at their baby girl adoringlystuffed toy on coffee tableparents cradling their newborn baby girlnewborn baby sleeping in the arms of her parentsdad smiles at mom with newborn babyparents with newborn smiling at each otherparents smiling at their babyparents sitting with there baby girl on the sofadad hugging mom with newborn babymom holding her newborn daughterdad holding his newborn daughterphoto of nursery decorationstar wars mobile hanging over baby cribbaby lying in her cribdad leaning over newborn baby's cribparents on bed with newborn babymom plays cello to calm babydad plays piano while mom holds babydad playing piano to calm babyparents with baby reflected in mirror

so very loved | newborn photographer shanghai

A quick sneak peek from this morning’s newborn session:
This gorgeous little girl is so, so loved!
And just look at the expression on her siblings‘ faces in that last image… they simply adore her!

parents holding newborn babynewborn baby girl in her parents' armsnewborn baby girl is adored by her siblings


cake smash | baby photography shanghai

First birthdays are so much fun! Especially if you get to eat – and destroy! – a whole cake, all by yourself!
And if this is followed by a bubble bath and then story time with mom and dad, how much more perfect can a day be?!

(One of the images also has me in it! Can you find me? ;))

portrait of baby and cakefirst birthday baby girlfirst birthday cake smashlittle girl happy about caketoddler's hand in cakelittle girl digging into cakecake smash photography for toddlertoddler girl with face full of cakebaby girl making mess during cake smashhappy baby girl with cakegirl digs into cake with both handstoddler face full of cakedad giving baby girl a bathbaby girl in bath foamfoam bath for toddlerfoam bath and bubblesbaby girl with bubblesdad dries toddler after bathbaby girl wrapped in towelcute toddler wrapped in toweldad and toddler girltoddler sitting on bedstory time with a toddlerparents and toddler reading bookbaby girl with a bookparents lifting laughing babycuddles with dad and babyfamily with toddler and silver balloonsfamily reflection in silver balloonsfamily portrait with silver balloons

drawn to drawers | baby photography singapore

Drawers generally hold a special fascination for toddlers: something you can open yourself, that has lots of interesting stuff inside, and you can take out everything and throw it on the floor… Putting stuff back into the drawer usually does not hold quite the same fascination though. This handsome little boy is no exception. I particularly love that the first thing he grabs is not a toy, but these ‚Vacuum seal storage bags‘: like for all toddlers, ‚grown-up items‘ also generally hold a special fascination…

toddler crawling and playing with toyphoto of crawling baby with toylittle boy sitting next o open drawerphoto of baby opening a drawertoddler standing next to open drawer

everything changes | newborn photography singapore

‚you always hear people say that having kids changes everything,
but you can’t fully realise it until you have children yourself.‘

~ jeff bridges

well, for me this was certainly true!
you hear so much from other people, you read a lot, you think you are prepared…
and then this little bundle arrives, and you realise that nothing could prepare you for this profound change in your life and in yourself. you already knew that you would love this baby, but you didn’t know just how much love you’d be capable of feeling until you first laid eyes on this tiny human being!

newborn portraits in nursery in singaporeportraits of newborn baby with parents in singaporeprofessional photographs of newborn baby in singaporeparents holding newborn baby in singaporeprofessional newborn photo session in singaporephotos of mom and newborn baby in singapore

some more adorable images of baby here.

born at home | newborn photography singapore

this little guy gave me maybe a 10-minute-window to capture some posed images of him while he was sleeping – he was very much awake and very hungry for the rest of the session!

his mom did something that i find incredibly brave: she had him at home!
yep, that’s right: at home, no medication, doctor only came for a brief check twice, and baby boy was born right into dad’s waiting hands! mom trusted herself and her body and knew that she could do this – and she was right!
congratulations again!!!

newborn photography in singapore

newness | baby photography singapore

this morning i had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful 6-week-old little girl and her parents – a session full of newness, happiness and love!

beautiful portraits of newborn baby in singapore

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