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moments that matter march | family photography shanghai

This month I decided to do something that I don’t normally do – I decided to get in the frame myself. While I take pictures of my family all the time, I’m very rarely in any photos myself, unless we go for our own yearly family photo session. Often Maxi, my little one, will look at my photos, point out her sister, her dad, and herself, then ask: ‚Where’s mommy?‘ So I got out the tripod, and one afternoon for story time, I adjusted the camera settings and set the remote to take a photo every 30 seconds (this way I could still concentrate on the story properly and please my audience of one!). No make-up, our bedroom was a mess, but Maxi loved looking at the photos with me afterwards, and I’m so happy to now have this photographic memory of one of her favourite daily activities – with me in it, too! And even Nele (who these days is quite sick of me wanting to photograph her all the time ;)) later wanted to have a little ‚tripod-session‘ of her own with me. I think this will have to be a regular thing from now on!

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moments that matter – january | singapore lifestyle photographer

january is the month of resolutions – new year’s resolutions are made, kept for a while, and often given up on all within the month… at least that’s what it’s been like for me many a year.

this year will be different though (of course it will!). i’m going to take more pictures of my own children, to photograph every day and complete a 365-project, and i’m going to be a part of this wonderful blog circle.

it’s called moments that matter, and that’s what you can expect to see. moments that matter to me. moments that i want to keep a lasting memory of. moments with my children. funny moments. sad moments. loud moments. quiet moments. moments at home. moments out and about. moments that are close to my heart.

january’s moments are more of the quiet, at home kind, because we started off the year with a round of HFMD that maxi caught first and promptly gave to me as well…
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