moments that matter – january | singapore lifestyle photographer

january is the month of resolutions – new year’s resolutions are made, kept for a while, and often given up on all within the month… at least that’s what it’s been like for me many a year.

this year will be different though (of course it will!). i’m going to take more pictures of my own children, to photograph every day and complete a 365-project, and i’m going to be a part of this wonderful blog circle.

it’s called moments that matter, and that’s what you can expect to see. moments that matter to me. moments that i want to keep a lasting memory of. moments with my children. funny moments. sad moments. loud moments. quiet moments. moments at home. moments out and about. moments that are close to my heart.

january’s moments are more of the quiet, at home kind, because we started off the year with a round of HFMD that maxi caught first and promptly gave to me as well…
make sure to also follow the blog circle to see some wonderful photography, and check out the beautiful work of Juanita Haslett next. enjoy!

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