taking time out | shanghai couples photographer

I can’t believe I never posted some more images of this gorgeous couple and their beautiful Beloved session! When their 10th anniversary was coming up, they decided to do something special – to put on their original wedding gown and tux, and take the time out to focus on each other, with me capturing some special memories for them. We even recreated their first dance: a tango to the White Stripe’s ‚Seven Nation Army‘ – how cool is that?!

Should you still be looking for the perfect X-mas-gift for your significant other, why not consider taking the time out for a couples photography session with me, so you also finally have some moments to focus only on each other and capture beautiful memories at the same time?

couple in wedding outfit in industrial hall
husband hugging wife from behind
couple hugging next to window
hands of couple holding each other
couple in wedding outfit smiling at camera
husband lovingly looking at wife
woman in wedding gown walking down corridor
couple standing next to balustrade
couple hugging in old empty building
husband whispering in wife's ear
wife whispering in husband's ear
couple holding hands
couple sitting on stairs
couple looking at each other
couple in old industrial building
couple dancing in empty industrial building
couple dancing tango
couple dancing tango in empty industrial building
couple dancing in industrial building
man lifting woman while dancing
man and woman holding hands
couple holding hands and talking
man looks lovingly at woman
woman looks lovingly at man
woman and man in separate rooms
portrait of woman with man in background
couple standing in an old entrance hall
couple walking out the door
couple entering a building
couple standing in doorway
couple kissing in doorway
couple hugging in doorway
couple kissing in dark room
couple hugging in dark room
portrait of couple hugging
couple hugging next to window
couple standing by the window
woman wearing husband's tuxedo
couple walking and man jumping

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