baby brain | singapore maternity photographer

first of all: how beautiful is this nursery??!!!
it is so exquisitely decorated, with so much attention to the tiniest detail, that you can really feel the love with which it was done.
this is one lucky baby to wake up every morning in such a beautiful room!

and now on to the pregnancy q&a with mom and dad:

describe the moment you first found out you were pregnant.
we were at the beginning of a wine trip in burgundy with good friends, and i tested positive on my pregnancy test.
we were stunned and overjoyed, even though it meant no wine drinking on our wine tasting trip!

5 words to describe your pregnancy:

your favourite part of your pregnancy?
all of it! the kicks, the growing baby and belly, even the less pleasant parts – it’s all part of our miracle baby growing inside me.

what memory are you most looking forward to making with your little one?
i hope that we can be there with her throughout all her life’s milestones, little or large.

what was the weirdest ‚pregnancy side effect‘ that you experienced?
baby brain is real!!!

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