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my maternity break is now officially over! while i’ve been quietly working on new packages, brochures etc. in the background for a few weeks already, today was actually the day i had my first session again. and what better way to start after my break than with old clients who i’ve already had the pleasure of photographing for several years now!

today is lucien’s 3rd birthday, and i was honoured to be a part of his special day again (you can see his 1st birthday here, and the 2nd one here). this year, lucien chose a pirate theme for his party, and we played with his special pirate ship and his beloved ‚captain redbeard‘ during the session. it was a shame that it was raining outside, so we couldn’t try out the pirate ship in the pool – but we let it sail in the bathtub instead. of course, lucien had a gorgeous birthday cake again, featuring ‚captain redbeard‘ and ‚ben elf‘ – and he loved it so much that he was actually reluctant to eat it! ;)

happy birthday again, lucien, and i hope you had a great birthday party after our session!

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