sneak peek: surprise! (or not…) | singapore maternity photography

yes, you have seen this glowing mom-to-be before. in my last post, in fact.
we did a couple’s maternity session outdoors, and the plan was to additionally surprise dad-to-be with some beautiful solo maternity images. unfortunately, the ‚partner-in-crime‘, who was supposed to lure him away while we were shooting, let something slip and spoiled the surprise…
but: while dad-to-be now knew kind of what we were up to, he doesn’t know exactly what we had planned…
so here’s a little sneak peek: you have plenty of gorgeous images to look forward to!!!
and let me tell you: your wife absolutely rocked this session! ;)

boudoir maternity images taken in singapore


makeup by joanna koh:

Zurich, Switzerland, and worldwide