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q&a with this little guy’s parents:

how did you feel when first ‚meeting‘ your baby?
it was totally surreal as i was under anesthesia. i only remember my hubby waking me up to take the very first picture with my baby.

favourite physical feature of your baby?
his eyes, for sure! i prayed for him to have big brown eyes with long eyelashes, and he really does possess these!
ironically, i fell in love with our puppys brown eyes first… ;)

five words to describe your newborn:

what do you love most about seeing your partner as…
… a mom:
even when i encourage her to have some alone time to recuperate, she immediately misses him and goes buying things for him instead.
… a dad:
he’s probably the most hands-on dad i know! he takes it upon himself to do the night shift and never complains about it, even when he feels tired and has headaches from the lack of sleep. he’s truly a super dad.

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