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… 2016! earlier this year this beautiful family welcomed their 5th family member, and here’s the gorgeous lifestyle maternity session that we had towards the end of last year.

maternity q&a with mom:

describe the moment you first found out you were pregnant…:
hoorraayyy! we’ll be a family of five! indescribably happy to be able to experience another pregnancy and baby – our wish came true!

how did you tell your partner?
i called him straight away. his reaction: i knew it!

5 words to describe your pregnancy…:

what will be the fondest memory of your pregnancy?
sharing it with the children! they were so excited. we kept the baby-name our family-secret, and the kids never told anyone, even though plenty of people tried to coax it out of them…

what memory are you most looking forward to making?
family togetherness. laughter during our family times, and memories of lots and lots of love and fun.

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