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My last session here has been photographed, the last images edited, the last albums designed, and the last storyboards delivered… after 8 wonderful years in Singapore, it is now time for a new adventure! My family and I are moving to Shanghai!

While we are all excited about this move (and having moved here from Shanghai 8 years ago, we know what we’re going back to), we are of course equally sad to leave behind this beautiful city, our life here, and most importantly all our friends.

And I’ll be very sad to no longer have yearly sessions with my regular client families here. However, I’m planning to still come to Singapore once or twice a year, and schedule a week of photo sessions here. Should you wish to be on my mailing list and be informed of these dates to maybe schedule a session with me, please contact me here! And of course, should you ever visit Shanghai and create some family memories over there, let me know!

Thank you Singapore, and all my wonderful clients here – it’s been fabulous!!!

image of skyline of Singapore

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